Traxxas 1/16th Summit VXL Review

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Responses to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have a video of/about _______?
A: Check by visiting my main channel page; hit the channel-specific search box and enter a relevant keyword (fewer the better)

Q: Why haven’t you made new videos in a long time?
A: My local RC track facility was forced to move a long ways away. Meanwhile, nearly every open space in my heavily populated area (San Francisco, California region) is *explicitly* off-limits to RCs and regularly patrolled by rangers and/or police and I’ve been booted once too many times. I’ve got no good place to legally drive & film within a reasonable distance :(

Q: Will you ever return to the RC hobby?
A: I sure hope so! Plan is to try to buy a house with enough land to build my own little private track / testing facility, if the real estate market allows.

Q: Why did you disable comments on your existing videos on this channel?
A: You know, *most* RC hobbyists are cool folks. YouTube though, harbors an extraordinarily large population of the most vitriolic, extremist, hyper-fanboys who make it their life’s purpose for weeks at a time to develop and then spread the most ridiculous fabricated stories to try to tear down a guy who happened upon a little success & popularity as a result of working hard & sharing something he loves to do. I’m not into that. Normal human beings who want to chat up a storm about RCs can do so on the forums where there’s a sense of community as well as accountability.

Q: Is URC (which stands for dead?
A: Silliest question of all time, hands down. Visit & hit “View New Posts” for your answer!

Q: With RC testing on the backburner, are you doing anything instead?
A: I’ve merely shifted from one type of toy to another! Check out . With the same level of dedication I previously applied to RC, I’ve built YouTube’s most-viewed narrative review channel for LEGO & other brick-based building systems. LEGO is the world’s single most popular toy for ages 2 to 100 and has a remarkably positive & supportive global fanbase. Like with RC, what outsiders think of as “just kids toys” is actually a vast & diverse world of often very complex builds & challenges. Unlike with RC, though, all of the parts are compatible, pieces from the 1970s are still fully usable today, and there are no rain cancellations or surprise track closures or park rangers to contend with 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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They are 1/16th

The Summit was broken most of the time so we didn’t get much good video of it.
Song: Champagne Showers (R3hab Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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