HPI Wheely King RC Monster Truck Owns The Snow

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TheRcSaylors bashed with the Wheely King for the First Time! This RC Monster Truck knows how to handle the snow, puddles, and anything else you throw at it! They claim that it is water proof from the box, and after this first run, we’d have to agree with them.

The Good: This RC Monster Truck is a lot of fun right out of the box! You don’t need to buy anything extra to get up and running and it’s great to not have to worry about running through small puddles as to whether or not it will kill your RC. It handles off road almost as well as on road, and for what it is, seems to be very durable!

The Bad: Though it is RTR out of the box, the battery that comes with it is pretty much a joke. 2000 MaH just isn’t enough power to pull of those famous wheelies that it claims to be the “king” of. We’ve found that nothing less than a 3000 MaH battery will even come close to giving it enough power to pop wheelies for more than 2 minutes. Also, you really need to learn to take turns very slowly with this RC. If you are going more than 1/4 top speed on a turn, you Will topple right over on any normal turn. It’s no fun driving your RC 80 yards away, then turning back around to drive back to you, only to have to chase it down to turn it back over.

Having said that, we couldn’t have had more fun with an RC claiming to be the king of anything. For it’s price, you can’t beat the fun! And we sure do look forward to having a lot of fun with this awesome little Monster Truck!

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Wheely King Features:
4WD Drivetrain :The Wheely King 4X4 puts the power to all four wheels for maximum grip.
5.4″ Mud Thrasher Tires: Throw mud and rocks at your buddies.
Long Travel Suspension: 6 full inches of oil damped, coil over, plush suspension to soak up the worst terrain.
Fully Painted and Detailed Body
TVP Chassis Construction: Super Tough TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) construction pioneered with the Savage line of Monster Trucks.
Reversible electronic speedcontrol: Automatic setup, and reverse to get you out of the tight spots.
High torque 540 motor (27T): Plenty of power to keep the front wheels pointed to the clouds.
HPI Plasma 7.2 V 2000mAh NiMH Battery
Clip-on molded nylon cover forgear protection: Keep your gear protected while you are exploring the wilderness.
Full Ball bearings for efficiency and long run time: Everybody likes more speed and longer runtime, right!
Quick-change battery slot: Just put in a fresh battery and get back to the excitement!
Efficient sliding center universaldrive shaft: Allows incredible suspension travel for off-road action.

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